Water Supply, sewerage & Drainage Infrastructure

The provision of an efficient infrastructure that delivers water, sewerage & drainage services at affordable cost improves living conditions in the towns and individual’s income as well as the country’s economic performance.

Years of development work has steadily expanded the share of population with access to piped water supply, sewerage and drainage facilities in cities but falls short of what is needed with respect to quality, continuity, and coverage of the services resulting in the prevalence of diseases.


Our approach to water supply design is based on collecting existing infrastructure data and spatial information using GIS tool, review problems and deficiencies, assessing the qualitative and quantitative potentials of the source, forecasting water demand based on demography & growth potentials of the city, zoning, sizing water distribution network & its elements through computer based software for optimal design to deliver the required quantity of water to the consumers at adequate pressure 24/7.

Our approach to sewerage & drainage system design is based on data collection of existing sewerage & drainage network and spatial information using GIS tool, review of operational problems and deficiencies, evaluation of options to overcome problems, dividing the area in to sewage & drainage districts, forecasting sewage & storm water flows based on population densities, water consumption patterns in residential & non-residential areas, rain fall intensities & return period. Conducting computer based simulations to arrive at optimal pipe sizes, gradients and pump capacities. Generating profiles showing pipes, manholes, hydraulic grade lines, proposed diameters, grades, inverts & pumping stations.

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