Waste to Energy Technologies

In the era of expanding urbanization, rising energy demand and massive solid waste generation accompanied by depleting conventional energy sources and concern over global warming & climate change, new solutions to solid waste disposal and energy generation have emerged in the form of Waste to Energy Technologies (WET) to gain the range of associated benefits:

  • Clean electricity generation
  • Clean alternative to municipal landfill
  • Conservation of fossil fuel
  • Reduce volume of municipal waste

In the context of our country, WTE installations have the potential to address the energy needs of urban population & industry by using waste as fuel besides protecting urban environment.

A Variety of wastes like municipal solid waste, biomass waste and industrial waste can be used as raw material in WTE which can be subjected to direct incineration or converted to refuse derived fuel (RDF).

Solid waste incineration is expensive to install, operate and maintain compared to sanitary landfill, but when heat is recovered and used for electricity generation, it becomes an economical and sustainable source of electric supply.

Our approach is based on conducting survey to assess the volume of waste, its generation pattern, constituents and calorific value to evaluate its feasibility against criteria of waste combustibility, heat recovery, steam production & electricity; technology selection based on operational ease, finance & economic feasibility; developing effective institutional framework and avoiding environmental

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