Solid & Hazardous Waste Management

Increase in urban population and changing living pattern is giving rise to the generation of solid waste. Until conservation becomes a lifestyle its volume is bound to increase further in the future challenging the civic bodies and engineers to develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for its safe collection, transportation, resource recovery, treatment and disposal.

Industrial activity is another area of solid waste generation from different industrial processes and effluent treatment in the form of sludge containing a variety of hazardous chemicals posing challenge to human health and environment from its hazards demanding development of at – source – reduction strategies and managing risks in its handling, storage, collection, transportation, resource recovery, treatment and disposal.

TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY RANA MOUSSAOUI: Men walk past a huge mound of garbage, piled up along the southern coastal Lebanese city of Sidon on February 06, 2008. "Sidon's mountain" bears no resemblance to the green mountains of Lebanon. It is rather an immense landfill that dumps its trash into the Mediterranean, polluting the coast of the ancient Phoenician port city. The dump is just a few metres (yards) away from the tourist sites of the southern city of Sidon -- its crusader sea castle, ancient vaulted souk and Phoenician temple. AFP PHOTO/RAMZI HAIDAR (Photo credit should read RAMZI HAIDAR/AFP/Getty Images)

Our approach to managing solid waste is based on analyzing and evaluating the composition of the solid waste, at source segregation through local participation, maximizing recovery & recycling opportunities with or without treatment leaving little for final disposal at the landfill or incineration to minimize landfill size, leachate volume and gas generation thereby reducing the pollution potential of the facilities.

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