Urban Renewal

Pursuit of better economic opportunities drives the people to move to major urban centers, which in the context of our country is a major cause of rapid urbanization.

Provision of basic urban services at a slower pace to match the needs of migrating population results in unplanned and unchecked expansion of the city characterized by haphazard land use, overcrowding, traffic congestion, unemployment, crime, urban slums, poor environmental conditions, over stressed existing infrastructure and deteriorating urban life with no regard for urban heritage conservation, present and future requirement of urban living.

The presence of such a situation in city localities is a sign of urban decay which inhibits the city’s economic growth through weakened capacity to attract trade, investment and other opportunities of economic growth.

Urban Renewal provides the tool that addresses the complex problem of urban decay through redevelopment and utilizing urban spaces innovative & efficiently with a future vision for the enhancement of people’s quality of life.

Our approach is based on realistically appraising the existing physical and socio-economic situation clearly identifying factors causing decline and impediments in the city’s growth, developing pragmatic strategies based on future vision, innovative utilization of urban spaces and potential economic opportunities through consensus building among stakeholders to bring a sustainable positive change in city’s quality of life.


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Eminence One (SMC – Pvt) Ltd, offers innovative, flexible and ‘best value’ solutions tailored to our customer’s requirement based on our understanding, knowledge & skills gained over years of experience of our staff in pursuit of excellence in environment & engineering.

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