Municipal & Industrial Water Treatment Plants

Increase in urban population is forcing civic bodies to over draw water from the wells beyond replenishment to meet the water requirement of the citizens resulting in the depletion of groundwater resource. This is an unsustainable development indicating that groundwater is running out and the availability of this resource to the future generations is at risk. The situation has forced the civic bodies to shift to surface waters which can be made available for human consumption after treatment for the removal of contaminants to meet the drinking water quality standards.

Nature has offered a dual option to some areas where groundwater and surface water can be used as a source of drinking water, while in some areas surface water is the sole source of water supply. Neither of the two sources is free from contaminants requiring treatment to produce water that is biologically and chemically safe and is appealing to the consumers.

Prevention from scaling, corrosion & microbial activity are the main concerns of a manufacturing facility with stringent requirements of causative parameters like TSS, TDS, conductivity & turbidity in the treated water.

Our approach to designing a water treatment facility is the selection of the least polluted water source, assessing its seasonal and long term variability, quality requirements, treatment technology selection & its sophistication to match the available operational skills and affordability aiming to deliver the best quality water that meets the requirement & standards.

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