Municipal Sewage Treatment Plants

Rapid urbanization caused by migration to cities has transformed smaller cities bigger and bigger cities to megacities, giving rise to a range of urban issues including the disposal of large volumes of sewage in the natural streams, thus causing danger to environment, human health and lesser life forms. Nature has bestowed the planet with a remarkable ability to heal itself which only functions when we stay within the limits. Crossing the limits cause harm which may take generations to repair. In the context of our country, damage to nature has become visible in the form of stinking streams with aquatic life vanished demanding earnest action from the civic bodies though delayed repairing the harm caused and to prevent further loss.

Pressure to restore the quality of natural waters, its aquatic life and associated social aspects is steadily increasing from the civil society and from regulatory agencies through installation of Sewage Treatment Plants for treating sewage and meeting the national environmental standards before discharging in the natural waters.
Our approach to design is based on developing innovative, cost – effective solutions through a blend of conventional and advanced technologies to meet standards and ensuring plant sustainability by exploiting reuse options of treated sewage and subjecting residual sludge to further treatment for resource recovery.

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